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Rhobota Design Contest
Mon, Apr 11, 2022 6:00 AM
Event is Closed

🎨 We’re asking your students…what should Rhobota look like? 🎨

Rhobota is the newest robot developed by our team, over the last couple of years. We are starting to develop version 2 and, since this week is National Robotics Week, we decided to create a Rhobota Contest for you to have fun designing your own robot, just like we do!

🤖 To participate, students must create their own design drawing of what the new version of Rhobota should look like.


Entries must include:
-the name “Rhobota” in the chest of the robot
-the student’s signature at the bottom right of the design of the robot

Digital and non digital art forms will be accepted. For example if the student draws by hand the robot, they can take a picture of it and send that picture file to us. Submit entries here:

Entries are due on Monday, April 11th by midnight. Winners will be announced on Friday, April 15th.

🏆 Awesome Prizes for Our Top 5 Designers 🏆

⭐️ 1st Place ⭐️

Rhobota v.2 robot shipped to you once it is ready for K16 students. This also includes the course that will be using Rhobota.

🎖1st & 2nd Place 🎖

Your designs will be hung up on the Virtual Classroom wall for our virtual cars course.

🏅 1st - 5th Place 🏅

Our Python and Artificial Intelligence interactive course with Virtual AutoAuto cars.

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