AutoAuto® Drive your Wonder!
What is AutoAuto?
Self-driving cars for teaching Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
3rd - College Levels
180+ hours of ready-made curriculum tied to physical and virtual cars for learning CS and AI.
Project-based Learning
Using the hands-on AutoAuto cars or their simulated version, students master Python and AI.
Learning Platform
Students complete projects and auto-graded challenges. Teachers track progress along the way.
Support, professional development, and certifications are available throughout the year.
A complete solution for your classroom!
Browser based! No installations needed!
Video-based content and auto-grading exercises!
Real-world projects keep students engaged!
Students learn high-demand skills for their future jobs!​​​​​​​
How AutoAuto Works?
AutoAuto offers two ways of learning:
① Fully-virtual Courses
no hardware lowest cost
Students do all lessons, assessments, and projects in our virtual worlds!
② Optional Physical Upgrade
most fun! larger budget
Bring concepts to life with physical AutoAuto cars! Students use both the virtual and physical AutoAuto cars to learn.
Virtual AutoAuto Demo
Try It Yourself
Touch, drag, and scroll to navigate the virtual world below.
This is just part of what Virtual AutoAuto provides!
AutoAuto’s Learning Platform and Management System
Browser based! No installations needed!
Lessons in video and text formats.
Students do auto-graded challenges.
Teachers track progress along the way!
Physical AutoAuto Demo
Optional Upgrade: Make AutoAuto tangible for your students.
How Physical AutoAuto Works
Used by schools and summer camps around the world. Ideal for ages 9+.
Student Impact
Hands-on training gives hours of fun and deep learning!

The Rise of Python

Python is one of the most popular programming languages today for science, engineering, data analytics and deep learning applications.

Large organizations that use Python include:
Google Facebook Amazon Yahoo! Instagram Spotify Wikipedia NASA CERN ... and thousands more!

What Students Say

… that’s incredible, that it can take 3 minutes and you have already programmed a car to drive.

Reed Coke
Head of Machine Learning at

It makes me feel smart, like really smart, because I know what experts do.

Sixth Grader

I programmed a car with 2 of my friends to follow an obstacle course with cones. We had success and the best part was that we did it all on our own.

Summer Camp Student

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