Python Programmable Cars & AI Learning Platform

We offer hands-on project-based curricula to teach Computer Science and modern technologies, using miniature self-driving cars.

Students enjoy the tangibility of our product; they love writing code then seeing it run in real life! Parents appreciate that their children are learning to program self-driving cars, such a great modern and real-world application.

Our content is delivered in video format and each lesson has auto-graded assessments to track progress and ensure mastery of skills learned.



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AutoAuto’s content has many layers to it – it begins with basic Python concepts, but delves deep into some of the most cutting-edge fields in tech – machine learning, neural nets, and artificial intelligence. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with this team’s ability to make these topics accessible to students as young as 6-years-old and up to 18. One of the greatest challenges in teaching programming and computer science concepts is keeping students curious and motivated, and the genius idea of working at the intersection of data science, AI, and self-driving cars is unmatched.
— Sabina Bharwani, Founder & CEO of Hello World Studio
AutoAuto is great because on the very first day, you sit down with you car, you pair with your car, and the first two lines of code are “import car” and “car.forward()”. And then your car is moving! And that’s incredible, that it can take 3 minutes, and you have already programmed a car to drive.
— Reed Coke, Head of Machine Learning at
The main thing that AutoAuto offers that’s really helpful in comparison to other curriculums is that it gives students a chance to get up and move around and have a tangible component. A lot of learning can be very theoretical, so it’s been nice to give them an immediate connection from the abstract to the concrete where they can actually visualize and understand concepts in different ways, and to also give them an outlet for their energy!
— Laura Lambert, School Partnerships & Operations Lead at Hello World Studio

Hear it from the students!

Our Learning Platform

Our content delivery platform empowers students to drive their own development in technological understanding and skills. In addition to building on their computer programming abilities, students learn artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts tied to real-world applications of and developments in autonomous vehicle technology.

We currently offer 60+ hours of hands-on self-paced curricula for ages 9+. Teachers can track their students’ progress each time they complete one of the 250+ check-for-understandings, assessments and project goals.

Our product does not require installing anything on the school computers; they code Python and the cars from our online learning platform which works in any browser.