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AutoAuto is the easiest and most fun way to teach real coding in your classroom!

AutoAuto uses the fun real-world application of self-driving cars to teach programming, computer science, and artificial intelligence. Students enjoy hands-on, project-based learning to master high-demand industry skills. Our auto-graded learning platform makes it easy for any teacher with any background. The learning platform comes pre-loaded with several semesters of ready-made curriculum. AutoAuto is perfect for in-school, after-school, and summer camps. You provide the classroom; we provide everything else!

Teach Professional Technologies
Students learn high-demand industry skills such as Python programming, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence through the application of self-driving cars.
Easy for Teachers
Teachers facilitate project-based learning with instruction given through the AutoAuto online learning platform. Assignments are auto-graded and students' progress is automatically tracked for the teacher. Any teacher with any background can teach with AutoAuto!
Students love AutoAuto
We believe every student should have a positive first experience learning coding. AutoAuto builds students' confidence, letting them know that "Yes, you can be a coder."

What Teachers Say

One of the greatest challenges in teaching programming and computer science concepts is keeping students curious and motivated, and [AutoAuto’s] genius idea of working at the intersection of data science, AI, and self-driving cars is unmatched.

Sabina Bharwani  |  Founder & CEO of Hello World Studio

… that’s incredible, that it can take 3 minutes and you have already programmed a car to drive.

Reed Coke  |  Head of Machine Learning at EaM.ai

They are learning real-world skills that are applicable nowadays.

Mr. Reincke  |  5th Grade Teacher, Rooster Springs Elementary

What Students Say

It feels pretty amazing just knowing that you typed it in to make that car do things. … Girls can do everything that boys can do.

Natalie  |  Sixth Grader

It makes me feel smart, like really smart, because I know what experts do.

Sarah  |  Sixth Grader

I programmed a car with 2 of my friends to follow an obstacle course with cones. We had success and the best part was that we did it all on our own.

Dyia  |  Middle Schooler, Hello World Summer Camp

This is better than class, it’s more hands on … you will be doing this in life.

Connor  |  5th Grader, Rooster Springs Elementary
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