Pricing to Suit Your Needs

Short-term Rental
Perfect for
  • after-school programs
  • summer camps
$ 130 / car
( rental, not purchase )
  • Rental period is per semester or per one-week camp, whichever is applicable.
  • Cost above includes unlimited student accounts (within rental period only).
  • Requires rental of 8 cars minimum.
Classroom or Household
Perfect for
  • single classroom
  • single household
$ 495 / car
( one-time hardware purchase )
  • Each car includes 4 free students accounts.
  • Additional student accounts cost $10/account.
School or District
Perfect for
  • school-wide or district-wide use
  • year-over-year classroom use
$ 695 / car
( one-time hardware purchase )
  • Each car includes unlimited free students accounts!

Ready to teach self-driving cars?

Use the form below to begin the rental or purchase process. We aim to accommodate any situation, and we look forward to working with you to put Python programming and self-driving cars into your classroom.

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