AutoAuto Perks at Home

  1. Free access (up to 3 accounts) to AutoAuto Labs (online learning platform) for six months.

    • after six months the content subscription is $30 per year.

  2. Free access to live, online mentoring hours (twice a week for three months).

  3. Free access to live webinars including these topics:

    • Advanced Python Programming

    • Advanced Machine Learning with Your Car

  4. Free accessories (e.g. stop signs, cones and pedestrian figurines).

Please contact us to get a rental or purchasing quote for your school or enrichment program!


How It Works


1. Get your car.

1. Get your car.

2. Login to AutoAuto Labs.

2. Login to AutoAuto Labs.

3. Pair with your car.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 5.26.41 PM.png

4. Program in Python.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 5.40.22 PM.png

5. Drive your wonder.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 9.40.12 AM.png


AutoAuto’s content has many layers to it – it begins with basic Python concepts, but delves deep into some of the most cutting-edge fields in tech – machine learning, neural nets, and artificial intelligence. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with this team’s ability to make these topics accessible to students as young as 6-years-old and up to 18. One of the greatest challenges in teaching programming and computer science concepts is keeping students curious and motivated, and the genius idea of working at the intersection of data science, AI, and self-driving cars is unmatched.
— Sabina Bharwani, Founder & CEO of Hello World Studio
The main thing that AutoAuto offers that’s really helpful in comparison to other curriculums is that it gives students a chance to get up and move around and have a tangible component. A lot of learning can be very theoretical, so it’s been nice to give them an immediate connection from the abstract to the concrete where they can actually visualize and understand concepts in different ways, and to also give them an outlet for their energy!
— Laura Lambert, School Partnerships & Operations Lead at Hello World Studio
AutoAuto is great because on the very first day, you sit down with you car, you pair with your car, and the first two lines of code are “import car” and “car.forward()”. And then your car is moving! And that’s incredible, that it can take 3 minutes, and you have already programmed a car to drive.
— Reed Coke, Head of Machine Learning at