AutoAuto Labs for schools & homes

Our project based online learning PLATFORM

AutoAuto platform enables kids, teens and adults at home to learn at their own pace in an engaging way, and teachers in schools to help students learn the latest applied programming techniques. This platform equips teachers by delivering programming and technology lessons in various formats, therefore making their jobs easier yet more effective.

Combining the platform with the AutoAuto hand-held self-driving cars makes learning engaging so students drive their own learning and curiosity - pushing the frontiers of what their cars and minds can do.


Sample of lesson in the platform

Our approach

We know that learning about technology can be hard, and making the leap from beginner-level to proficiency is often ill-defined and poorly facilitated. That's why we are committed to building a learning platform that is accessible to all levels of experience and supports students at every juncture on their quest to develop technological fluency. We provide curricula that take students through each step of the task at hand, but we also strive to put them in situations where they'll stop and say, "I wonder what this will do..." -- and then act on that curiosity.


Our platform offers countless opportunities to discuss other subjects that are not directly STEM-related and yet vitally important to ongoing discussions regarding autonomous vehicles, such as economics, moral philosophy, government, and public policy. Students will encounter these issues throughout the curriculum, highlighting the broader societal impact of new technologies.

Rental pricing

If you are a teacher, or representing an after-school program or school, you can rent a car for $70 per semester or per summer camp, and the learning platform subscription is at most $10 per student. We estimate one car could serve up to 10 students in a semester (estimated total price of  $17 per student).
We recommend a ratio of 2 students per car on each learning session.

Exploring our curriculum further…


To explore our core curricula, please go to and register using cohort codename: ExploreCurricula18.

Please contact us for more information about pricing, content platform and curriculum
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