ryan henning

"When I look around I find that I was very blessed to be exposed to technology at a young age (my mom was a programmer). I want ALL kids to have the same opportunity I did -- to be exposed to programming & engineering at a young age, and to be able to study and practice those skills all through their early education." -Ryan

Ryan Henning is a Software Engineer turned Data Scientist. Ryan worked in industry on a large C++ data acquisition framework as a Software Engineer before returning to academia. In graduate school, Ryan researched deep neural networks for image processing and classification, specifically using neural networks to detect a symptom of pediatric cancer. Ryan and his colleagues at Baylor deployed this research in two mobile apps that are saving lives around the world.


joyce rigelo

Joyce’s earliest passion is the "M" in STEM, that is, mathematics. Joyce obtained a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Wyoming. Joyce is also a programmer and a data scientist; she has worked both in academia and industry modeling patterns through Bayesian frameworks and machine learning algorithms.

Throughout her life, educators in the STEM fields gave her the opportunities to rise into a path of freedom to develop her skills and grow in many areas. Her story gives her extreme motivation to provide the same (and better) opportunities to young and adult minds.

Paul Yim

As a kid growing up in Anchorage, Alaska, Paul was often disappointed to discover that a lot of the toy products he saw on TV were only sold in the "lower 48s", so he learned to make his own versions of them out of his mom's arts and craft supplies. Thus began his lifelong love for making things that he wished existed. Paul earned a BA in Communication & Media Studies from Loyola University Chicago and an MA in Public Policy & Administration from Northwestern University.