Sample materials

Python script for pedestrian and stop sign detection.

Pedestrian and stop sign detection lab using OpenCV and Python.

Animated discussion on autonomous cars and public policy. (click to view)

Animated discussion on autonomous cars and public policy. (click to view)

Our approach

We know that learning about technology can be hard, and making the leap from beginner-level to proficiency is often ill-defined and poorly facilitated. That's why we are committed to building a learning platform that is accessible to all levels of experience and supports students at every juncture on their quest to develop technological fluency. We aim to provide tutorials that take students through each step of the task at hand, but we also strive to put them in situations where they'll stop and say, "I wonder what this will do..." -- and then act on that curiosity.

AutoAuto Labs

Our comprehensive online learning ecosystem

Every AutoAuto car will include free and instant access to our online learning platform.


A key feature of AutoAuto Labs is “mentor points”, which students can earn when they provide helpful responses to other students' questions on the message board (additional points are awarded if their responses are “up-voted”). This feature models how software engineers and programmers actually learn and work through problems in real life (e.g. getting help from their peers, “Googling” to look things up, or posting and answering questions on sites like Stack Overflow). Through such practices, students will develop their sense for how to intelligently struggle through difficult technical problems and "learn how to learn" new and challenging concepts.


Our platform offers countless opportunities to discuss other subjects that are not directly STEM-related and yet vitally important to ongoing discussions regarding autonomous vehicles, such as economics, moral philosophy, government, and public policy. Students will encounter these issues throughout the curriculum, highlighting the broader societal impact of new technologies.